LaRI About

The League against Religious Intolerance (LaRI) is comprised of individuals who value freedom of religion and belief. Many of us have experienced religious intolerance and successfully stopped it through legal interventions. Therefore, we have accumulated a wealth of information related to stopping acts of religious intolerance, and we want to make that information available to the wider public. We provide this information for the benefit of society so that others can understand how to defend their rights to religious freedom. We also hope to raise awareness of the illegal and unethical nature of many acts arising from religious intolerance.

LaRI does not provide legal advice or services. Rather, we serve the public in these areas:

  • We provide information on relevant laws so that victims of religious intolerance¬†understand the extent to which those expressing intolerance did so illegally.
  • We provide links to organizations in different countries to help victims to pursue formal remedies and/or legal actions.

This website is updated periodically, and we make every effort to provide accurate information. However, we encourage visitors to check the original sources for the most up-to-date information. The majority of the acts presented on this website are available in their entirety online, and we provide links to these sources when possible.

Thank you for visiting the LaRI website.