Breaking Down the “Cult” Formula

Breaking Down the "Cult" Formula

Let’s try a quick experiment: think of the word “cult.” What does it make you feel? What concepts are associated with it in your mind? What would you think of a group if someone told you it was a “cult”?

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The Anti-Cult Movement: History and Impact

Not all spiritual beliefs are considered equal today, even in western societies that supposedly cherish the principle of religious freedom. Small religious groups, are at particular risk of being labelled a “cult” and considered potentially dangerous or harmful. Our understanding of what a “cult” is has not appeared spontaneously or naturally. It has been deliberately created over several decades by those who have aimed to demonize and attack smaller and alternative forms of spirituality — the “anti-cult movement” or ACM.

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How the “Cult” Stigma Destroys Freedom of Belief — A Fundamental Human Right

How the “Cult” Stigma Destroys Freedom of Belief — A Fundamental Human Right

Religious freedom is a universal human right, one of the foundations of modern democracy. Yet religious freedom can be taken for granted in modern democracies because it’s been around for generations. This, coupled with a general declining importance of religion for many segments of western societies, can result in apathy, making it easy to miss how this right is being eroded and to ignore the consequences.

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