How to Use This Website

LaRI How to Use this Website

Welcome to the LaRI website. This website provides information and resources to help victims of religious intolerance. If you are the victim of religious intolerance, we recommend the following steps and approach to using this website.

Step 1 – Gather information, and establish a clear understanding of the situation.

  • If you have not already done so, write a brief description of the situation to keep handy while using this website. Here are some important details to describe.
    • Who are the people and groups involved?
    • What have they said, written, or done that demonstrates religious intolerance?
    • What is the timeline of the events?
    • Where did these events take place (e.g., online, religious building, workplace)?
    • How has the victim(s) attempted to address the situation?

Step 2 – Assess whether those attacking the victim(s) have engaged in illegal activity.

  • Browse the laws in your country to see which laws, if any, have been broken.
  • Use the links provided to check the accuracy of the laws, as they are subject to change.
  • We encourage you to consult other sources, in addition to this website.

Step 3 – Apply the relevant laws to the situation of religious intolerance.

  • For each law that you identified in Step 2, write a brief description of how the person or group broke these laws.
  • Make a list of questions that arise during this process to ask a lawyer or other agency.

Step 4 – Seek Outside Assistance.  

  • Police. In some cases, you may want to contact the police directly (e.g., in cases in which there is ongoing violence, threats of violence, theft, etc…)
  • Lawyers. Identify lawyers in your area who specialize in an area relevant to the laws that were broken (e.g., religious freedom, human rights, defamation etc…).
  • Agencies. Contact the relevant agencies listed on the various Resources pages to determine if they can help.
  • Note that it may be possible to stop the acts taking place temporarily while legal action is pursued.