Laws in Greece

This table summarizes the laws most relevant to illegal activity that groups or individuals may experience when targeted because of their spiritual or religious beliefs and/or practices. The laws are current as of February 10, 2013. They are presented by crime for Greece.

Greek Penal Code – Articles 362,366
Assert or disseminate information about someone that can harm their honour or reputation if a) it is done malevolently b) the information reveals details about the victim’s private and family life.

Greek Penal Code – Articles 363,366
Knowingly assert or disseminate false information about someone

Greek Penal Code – Article 364
Assert or disseminate false information about a corporation

Greek Penal Code – Article 361 (Insult)
Injure somebody’s reputation with words or by deeds or by any other means.


Greek Penal Code – Article 385
To earn himself or others an unjust profit, forces someone with violence or threat of an act, omission or forbearance which damage occurs to the property of another or forcing punishment (i.e., physical violence)

Greek Civil Code – Article 57 
Infringe upon the personality rights of another

Property Damage
Greek Penal Code – Article 381
Intentionally damage or destroy property of another


Religious Discrimination
Greek Penal Code – Article 199
Publicly and maliciously kathybrizei in any way the Eastern Orthodox Church of Christ or other religion tolerated in Greece

Greek Penal Code – Article 333(no link available)
Cause fear or unrest by threatening with violence or other unlawful act or omission